POP 1/8" Countersunk Rivets, ST/ST

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    SK42BS: 1/8 (DIA) x 1/8 (GRIP): 250 pcs.
    SKU: SK42BS

POP Open-End Countersunk Bilnd Rivets

Hollow blind rivets pre-assembled onto a headed pin or mandrel, POP open-end rivets, when set, resemble conventional tubular rivets. Unlike tubular rivets, however, the mandrel head is retained within the body of the rivet.

Providing strong, low-cost fastenings, POP open-end rivets are suitable for most industrial riveting applications where materials to be fastened do not have high load-bearing requirements.

Rivet Material: Steel

Mandrel Material: Steel

Head Type: Countersunk:  120º head design. Used wherever a flush surface is required.

The image shown for this product is a general representation of a POP Brand Countersunk Rivet.  The actual item that you purchase may differ dimensionally from the item displayed in the image.

Manufacturer: Other
Manufacturer Other
Marson Steel / Steel
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